Developed by the Far East Organization, the Cuppage Plaza, somewhere in District 09, is usually referred to as the little Japanese island. A closer look at the Plaza shows it is a shopping mall, located at 5, Keok road, Singapore 225796, District 09. A commercial property with a 99-year leasehold tenure, it is mainly used for office rentals and sale.

For a lot of Japanese living in Singapore, the Cuppage Plaza is their answer for a having a taste of faraway home. For those in search of an authentic Japanese dining or entertainment experience, the Cuppage Plaza is a blessing. A haven for seekers of various Japanese culinary delights and lovers of KTV lounges that has a feel of home in the atmosphere, the Cuppage Plaza is where you want to be.

Having the look of an older style mall, you might get the impression that the mall is a ghost of its former glorious self and has nothing significant to offer you hence your avoidance of the place – a judgment that is wrong. The Cuppage Plaza is a perfect reminder of not judging a book by its cover.

The old look appearance adds to the beauty and elegance of the building. You only need to wait until its night to experience the amazing transformation of the building and its immediate environment. Everything comes alive in a lovely way as you feel the excitement building up in the air.  The noisy banter and awkward laughter from businessmen and workers alike all add to the fun.

For many people, the Cuppage Plaza is the perfect place for you to rewind and relax putting the worries of the day off your mind.

Due to the presence and fierce competition among various budget-friendly eateries in the plaza, you can count on having a tasty delicacy treat at a wallet-friendly price when dining at the Plaza. For foodies, the Nagomi Japanese Restaurant (02-22), Azmaya Honten  (#03 -24:29) , Orchard Yong Tau Fu (#01-19),  Kaiho Sushi Restaurant (#03-10), Izakaya Naniwa (#03-13)  and Kazu Sumiyaki (#04-05) are some of the places you want to visit for various finger-licking cuisines.

The Cuppage Plaza boasts of many KTV bars and clubs where you can have a nice time alone or with friends, singing or miming to your favourite songs. It’s also a nice place to make new friends.

A few minutes away from the Cold Storage Supermarket, its short distance to many shopping malls such as the Orchard point, NTUC Fairprice, Centrepoint, etc. makes it super easy for retail shopping as everything you need is within close distance.  The Cuppage Plaza also enjoys a lot of foot traffic from both tourists and local as a result of its strategic location.

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